• ledBag: An accessory to help you shine

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    Here is one fashion accessory that will literally make you shine. Industrial designer, Maria Roza Szczepanska has designed the unique illuminated ledBag handbag. The ledBag lights up when opened showing an illuminated, shooting Space invader star-ship. Inside too there is a row of LED’s that will enable women to locate anything in their purse in the darkness. Both the inside and outside LED will light up on opening the bag and turn off when you close it. Besides the unique lighting feature, the design of the bag is also impressive. The light emitting layer, which contains the LEDs and the conductive traces, is sandwiched between the outer shell of the bag and the inner lining. Both, outer and inner layer have image perforation to let the LED light shine through it. The unique structure provides the flexibility to reuse the Light emitting layer to be integrated into another ledBag style. Simply amazing, this bag with the cute structure and LED feature is sure to be one hot accessory to flaunt.

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