• LED lights transmit data at speeds of 3 gigabits!

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    Gone are the days of the traditional bulbs that lit up our living spaces. The world is now relying heavily on the use of more energy-efficient lighting solutions, or simply put, the revolutionary LED. But lighting up spaces isn’t all LED lights can do. These little diodes can also transmit data with speeds of up to 3 gigabits. The German based Fraunhofer Institute has been experimenting with rapidly blinking LED lights that can transmit data through the air.

    To reach speeds of up to 3 gigabits, three different colored bulbs, each with a speed of up to 1 gigabit, are used. However, as you probably might have guessed already, this method of transmitting data is inapplicable outdoors and requires a darker area. Also, extremely long distances aren’t possible and data can only be transmitted quickly at shorter distance.

    [Via – Psfk]

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