• Intelligent ‘Power Laces’ to grace Nike shoes of the future

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    No, the world of nerdiness and dorkiness isn’t half as enthusiastic about the dawn of the time machine as it is about the arrival of self-lacing shoes! People from around the globe have begun drooling upon these hot futuristic shoes from Nike’s stables that recently surfaced with images on social media. While the sportswear manufacturer plans to unleash these kicks by 2015, here’s a little peek at what’s in store for us. The shoes sport an Arduino microcontroller and a pressure sensor in the sole to detect when the trainer is being worn. Two servo motors then automatically tighten the shoe’s laces for a comfortable fit.

    This concept has turned into a rage, to say the least, and a bunch of DIY enthusiasts have also tried replicating the technology. The trainers are perhaps the most futuristic of their kind to ever have been unveiled and the automated laces make them a breeze to wear. Then again, one could always wear a pair of slip-ons instead.

    [Via – Independent]

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