• Inflatube temporary homes are inflatable and easy to deploy

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    A lot of us love the outdoors and we do free up our lives from time to time to live closer to nature, away from the urban jungle we call home. Instead of packing the conventional tent however, future outdoorsy folk can settle into one of these, inflatable homes called the Inflatube designed to be deployed quickly and easily. Designed by Lee Taylor, these inflatable homes encourage a better bond between those who live inside and work as a comfortable shelter from the elements, while away from home.

    Sporting an easily accessible door, unlike the conventional tent that requires you to crouch low, the Inflatube home design is also aesthetically designed and is much easier to deploy too. Fun, easily portable and designed keeping ergonomics in mind, the Inflatube home can also be used in disaster-struck areas as temporary shelters.



    [Via – Behance]

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