• The incredible inflatable Japanese-fan-inspired pillow called the Soufflet unveiled

  • inflatable-soufflet-pillow-1Kiss that pain in your neck goodbye. We weren’t talking about your spouse; we meant the real pain in your neck. Here’s a pillow that’s completely unconventional and promises to give you a good night’s sleep, sans a painful neck. Called the Soufflet, this inflatable pillow was designed by Paris-based Bina Baitel studio in collaboration with textile designer Luce Couille, and is designed to support a users head, neck and shoulders.

    The most interesting part about the Soufflet pillow is its fan-type design and the fact that it’s made from cotton fabric and includes an air pumping system! The Soufflet inflatable pillow will be showcased at the France Design 2014 during the Milan Design Week.





    [Via – Designboom]

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