• Impact-sensing foam to be used in sports helmets detects injuries

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    Sporting activities are known to cause injuries, particularly when the sport in concern includes and encourages human-contact. Take football for instance, where players are regularly subjected to receiving blows on their heads. Now, while this may seem normal, blows like these could cause concussions, giving way to a bunch of other health concerns. So, a student at Utah’s Brigham Young University has developed impact-sensing helmet-lining foam that contains nanoparticles of an undisclosed piezoelectric substance. Using this foam, the helmet wirelessly informs coaches about impacts, allowing those on the sidelines to keep a close check on players’ health.

    Developed by mechanical engineering grad student Jake Merrell, the smart foam is christened Xonano. This material, when compressed, creates a small electric charge that is detected by a microprocessor recessed in the helmet. This microprocessor transmits data to tablets. The foam has a bunch of applications and could also be used for motorsport helmets.



    [Via – Gizmag]

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