• Human bean! The Zmogai bean bag is shaped like a person!

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    By now, we all know what a bean bag is. A perfect piece of furniture to slump on and spend a lazy day, coiled up with a book and a hot cup of coffee, bean bags do what simple straight-back chairs cannot – provide comfort! Designer Po Egle came up with a different take on bean bags, giving it more than just a single use and turning this piece of furniture a little more humane. The Zmogai bean bag is shaped like a human being. Making it a perfect place to play, sit, sleep or enjoy a hot cuppa!

    This bean bag sports a cup holder, making sure your cup doesn’t spill. The friendly Zmogai is also huggable, allowing you to hold on to it for comfort while no one else is around. Team this bean bag with a few more of its kind and enjoy a soft place to curl up in front of the fireplace!







    [Via – Behance]

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