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    It’s winter now and many of us like to catch a few extra winks and hat to leave our cozy beds. Sleeping past the snooze and ending up late for work or appointments sure is a sign of tardiness. Mac Funamizu’s Touch ‘n’ Know The Time was a nice concept that allowed us to gauge exactly how much time left before the alarm goes off. The Time-telling Vibration Phone goes a step ahead. According to Mac, many people rely on their mobile phones for their morning alarm. He applies the same methodology to the phone and as a result when you apply pressure to two select points on the phone, it responds back with vibrations. The intensity of the vibration corresponds to the time left before the alarm is to sound. Essential this means that a stronger vibration will be felt closer to wakeup time.

    In Mac’s words, “In short, you squeeze the phone and it vibrates for a second. The more “vigorously” it moves, the sooner it is until the set time. So you can FEEL how much more you can sleep without opening your eyes to check what time it is. Oh how lazy we can be!”

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