• Hookhayon, the glass-blown hookah, designed for Gaia & Gino

  • hookhayon-1Puffing on a hookah is and has always been one of the Asian world’s favorite pastimes. What we’ve got here is a traditional hookah given a modern twist. Designed and brought to life by Spanish designer Jamie Hayon, the Hookhayon, an obvious concoction of the designers surname and the word “hookah”, is a jug shaped apparatus designed for the Czech company Gaia & Gino. Made from a special selection of black metal and glass, the Hookhayon also uses brass extensively.

    Sporting two slots for two hoses, an optional valve with a cap, tobacco burner and coal holder and a wooden mouthpiece, the Hookhayon looks great and functions just as it’s meant to. Available in two colors, this hookah uses a blown-glass body, which gives it a distinct appearance.





    [Via – Designboom]

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