• Honda’s energy-efficient home generates more power than it consumes

  • honda-zero-carbon-home-1Let’s not deny it, human beings desperately need to look for cleaner and more efficient ways to live, if this planet is to be preserved. Giving us all a pretty new horizon to look forward to, Honda has shown off its model home that literally generates more energy than it consumes! Built on campus at the University of California, the house is packed with all the energy-efficient solutions you can think of and uses solar panels to generate energy, charge an electric vehicle, and feed power back into the grid.

    Instead of a complete cement foundation that takes substantial amounts of energy to build, Honda added pozzolan, a naturally-occurring substance derived from volcanic ashes. To heat water, a geothermal heat pump is used inside the house. As a cherry on top of this energy efficient cake, Honda has also included an electric Honda Fit car that’s connected to the home’s solar panels and charges up with renewable juice.






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