• HoloVision brings hologram technology to your living room

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    We all know what holograms are, or at least, the ones who do watch their fair share of sci-fi flicks know this technology. One of the few ‘futuristic’ technologies that have actually been developed and brought into the real world, holograms haven’t really caught on everywhere and turned into a communication technology phenomenon as yet. However, the world is just a step away from receiving its first complete hologram technology, allowing free-floating, life-sized images that will hover 8 feet away from the projector.

    Called HoloVision, the technology brings holograms to your living room and could be the next best way to get in touch with your buddies, instead of Skype. This development does have its limitations, most of which we do think will be overcome in the future though. Don’t expect these holograms to follow you around the house or give you a hug. Let’s just leave that to Hollywood’s imagination for now.

    [Via – Dvice]

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