• The Hemldo bicycle helmet sports cushioned cornrow braids

  • cornrow-bike-helmet-1There are quite a few things you can do with a bicycle helmet, including packing it with technology like heart-rate trackers, giving it a custom paintjob or, well, giving it a hairdo of sorts! We came across this bicycle helmet that literally made us take a second glance, thanks to its extreme unusualness. By German studio Bless, the Helmdo helmet is outfitted to look like the popular cornrow hairstyle with lines of braids that are woven from the front to the back of the head!

    The braids are crafted from a soft cushioned material that promises to keep your head safe as you push down your bike’s pedals. While this might seem quite cheeky and interesting to some, we found the Helmdo to be slightly grotesque. Instead, we’d like to see a helmet that resembles a Spartan warrior’s gear, complete with a Mohawk!





    [Via – Designboom]

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