• Freddie Jordan’s Starbucks Seedpods aide guerilla gardening

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    The world needs more green patches and humankind has quickly begun to realize the need for these spaces. Michigan based artist and designer Freddie Jordan recently unveiled this fantastic way to spread the green. Called Seedpods, these contraptions were created for Starbucks as a means to promote the trend of guerilla gardening and spread greenery across homes, corporate and retails spaces. The Seedpods allow Starbucks’ customers to carry seeds and plant them at places of their choice.

    Jordan hopes to give the guerrilla gardening movement an impetus with these Seedpods. While this may be nothing more than just a concept designed for one of the biggest coffee chains in the world, the idea does seem practical and can indeed work as a fool-proof way to spread greenery across hardened urban landscapes.





    [Via – Design-You-Trust]

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