• Google goes organic with its new Malaysian headquarters in Kuala Lumpur

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    Google is known to own some of the most desirable and creatively designed office spaces around the world. The search engine giant is now the proud holder of a one-of-a-kind office in Malaysia, from where the companies Malaysian operations will be run. Located in Kuala Lumpur, the new workspace is colorful and invites exploration and discovery. All of this is based on the central idea of community-development.

    M Moser Associates, a design firm with a fantastic understanding of Google’s work culture, was roped in for this project. Quoting Ramesh Subramaniam, the project team leader at M Moser Associates, “They [Google] wanted a space where everyone could interact – they wanted to get all their people into the same space, and for that space to have a sense of identity that would make their presence known in Kuala Lumpur.” The office’s boardroom resembles a cave while the meeting rooms and café resemble beaches and forests!







    [Via – Indesignlive]

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