• German Bank uses art installation to display its annual report!

  • You know a bank is trendy when it skips the boring and extremely dull paper-based annual reports and uses an art installation to prove its worth instead. The L-Bank, State Bank of Baden-Wuerttember will now give the interested audience a peak at its annual report by way of a full-fledged art installation and a museum-like experience. These installations each stand for business development, economic development, residential development and the like. Simply put, imagine 266 desk lamps that are arranged to represent the number of company headquarters located in parks!

    A clever and interesting way to show the world just what it has been up to, the L-Bank, State Bank of Baden-Wuerttember had German agency Jung von Matt come up with this concept.

    173 ownership promotions per week

    266 companies sit in the technology parks

    109 business development programs per week

    358 thousand tons less CO2 per month

    133 modernizations of schools, kindergarten, and sporting facilities

    356 approved motions to parenting money per day

    246 basic livelihood improvements per month


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