• Futuristic robots could perform brain surgeries to remove cancerous bad tissue

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    Ask any brain surgeon and you’ll know just how difficult it is to operate on the human brain, without pushing the patient towards the light, if you know what we mean. With the dawn of robots, operating on a person’s brain could soon turn a little simpler. Scientists funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NBIB) have come up with a tiny robot worm that can fry brain tumors and then suck away cancerous tissue, without damaging good brain tissue!

    During a procedure as such, the robot is inserted and the patient enters an MRI scanner. The MRI machine enables surgeons to locate the cancer and have the robot remove the bad tissue. The robot moves using a series of pulleys and springs and the procedure is a lot simpler than the manual surgeries performed currently.

    [Via – Dvice]

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