• The Fragrance Lab creates personalized perfumes based on people’s traits

  • fragrance-lab-personality-perfume-1And just we were beginning to imagine that personalized phones, number plates and towels were all we’d get for our bucks, we stumbled across this brilliant and somewhat narcissistic new innovation by The Fragrance Lab. In collaboration with design studio Campaign, The Future Lab, and Selfridges, these folks have managed to create perfumes customized to suit your personality!

    To do this, the lab basically jots down all your personality traits with a brief multiple-choice personality test focusing on your shopping habits, behaviors, and fashion tastes. After this, customers are taken to four rooms designed to heighten and engage the senses and is exposed to a bunch of objects. When completed, lab assistants then quiz the customer on their experiences in the rooms. Finally, the customer is given a perfume “prescription”, that is then used to create a scent that’s distinct and personalized to one’s tastes!





    [Via – Fastcodesign]

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