• Folded pieces of carpet turned into art figurines by Didier Faustino

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    Art has its own way of speaking a few thousand words using the simplest visual treatment. Portuguese artist Didier Faustino seems to understand the concept of speaking out thoughts through art extremely well and has portrayed this knack with an exhibition at the Galerie Michel Rein in Paris, involving strange hollowed figures made from folded pieces of carpet.

    “The exhibition We Can’t Go Home Again mobilises the signs of our familiar environment but strives to turn it inside out literally like a glove, projecting the visitor into an unstable universe,” said Galerie Michel Rein. These figures are made from cable ties, coarse string and second hand rugs and carpets sourced from trade suppliers. Catch these hollow mystical figures at the Galerie Michel Rein before the show ends on the 11th of January 2014.



    [Via – Dezeen]

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