• The Floating City will enable mankind to live in the sea

  • Floating-city-1Let’s face the fact that the urban world has expanded horizontally to such an extent, that human beings have now begun living several hundred feet off the ground. Instead, in the future, humankind could soon use the waters of the world as a place of inhabitation! Chinese construction firm CCCC commissioned AT Design Office to design the Floating City that will offer an alternative to destroying the earth’s valuable countryside. Covering an area of four square miles, the Floating City will use a series of prefabricated hexagonal modules connected by yachts and submarines.

    “Part of that bridge is an underwater tunnel, which is joined by a 150-metre-long precast concrete box,” says architect Slavomir Siska, continuing, “The mega box is cast on a nearby island and floated to site before being connected. We were appointed to work with the engineer to come up with a masterplan for a 10-square-kilometre floating island that can be built with the same technology.” It’s time we move to the azure!




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