• Fashion designer Gareth Pugh uses 3D visual technology to show off his latest creations

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    Ever wondered what it’d be to take a rollercoaster ride through a highly recognized and successful fashion designer’s mind? Well, here’s your chance to do so. Called the Monolith, this virtual reality experience was created by fashion designer Gareth Pugh, renowned for creating avant-garde ensembles for Lady Gaga. Interactive designers at Inition also put in a hand to create this fabulous technologically advanced way to promote Pugh’s new line. Users simply need to step inside a sound-proof room and wear a Pugh-designed polygonal cap that sports an Oculus Rift VR headset.

    What follows is an immersive and highly impressive 3D experience showing off Pugh’s latest creation. The designer is known to create polygons, usually associated with the digital world, using cloth and plastic and Monolith is completely in synch with his design philosophy.


    [Via – Fastcodesign]

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