• Exbury Egg, the floating egg-shaped wooden home

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    Not everyone prefers living in brick and concrete homes. Some people love living in structures a little more unusual than the ordinary, like giant eggs for instance. Artist Stephen Turner, 58, has now begun using this giant floating egg on the River Beaulieu as a home and workspace. Constructed from wood, this giant pod called the Exbury Egg cost £40,000 to build and could well be crowned as Hampshire’s quirkiest living space! The home is a 40ft self-sustaining structure registered as a boat. Capable of floating with the tide, the egg home has no harmful environmental impact and is perfectly eco-friendly.

    The Exbury Egg is made from cedar and each plank was hand-fitted. The structure also uses waterproof Epoxy Glass matting on its first layer of wood, over which yet another layer was added to keep the structure strong and safe from the elements. Simply put, this home is more than just a home, it’s a living space!


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