• Drive badly and the Automotive Cockpit will punish you with David Hasselhoff songs!

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    Music is a medium that can convey strong messages to the youth, because they are so in-tune with it. How about enforcing some safety norms via music on the impressionable 16 to 20-year olds, who understand the language best. The Automotive Cockpit is an ergonomic music interface embedded into the steering wheel of the car. The design includes Skype-like functions that not only gives you driving tips, but it also enforces secure driving through music and it’s driving assistant. If the teen makes a little mistake while driving, the music starts to loop. If it’s a Middle-level mistake then David Hasselhoff starts crooning and if it’s a Major Blunder, then it plays “hüttenschlager” instead of your own playlist.

    The ergonomics of the Automotive Cockpit are similar to gaming controllers. Since this age group is quite accustomed to the shortcuts and small movement on consoles, they will adjust easily to the Cockpit.
    Move the finger upwards while clicking the tiptronic on the backside of the wheel changes the gear upwards and the other way around. On the bottom of the wheel is a +/- to accept or refuse a call. Also you can steer the cockpit through gestures, changing the track of the music library perhaps can be any gesture you like.

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