• DrinkPure water bottle filter makes potable water more accessible to the masses

  • water-purifier-1While most of us aren’t particularly surprised every time we see fresh water gush out of a tap, there are parts of the world where potable water is a far-fetched dream. Places like rural sub-Saharan Africa or India can be pretty disconnected from fresh water supply and people living there understand the value of potable water better than we ever will. The DrinkPure concept filter we came across lately however, could change things for ever. This simple accessory that can be attached to just about any bottle, promises to purify water and make it potable enough for consumption.

    Quoting Jeremy Nussbaumer, a student at ETH Zurich, who helped develop the technology, “The most unique part of the design is that we have a higher flux than other products–meaning you can get more water in the same amount of time through the filter.” To use the DrinkPure filter, you simply need to attach it to the top of a bottle full of water and squeeze the bottle to have the water pass through it and into a glass. The filter uses a layer of activated carbon traps chemicals, odors, and heavy metals as well as a polymer membrane that filters out bacteria.

    [Via – Fastcoexist]

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