• Designers celebrate the Jaguar F Type with supercar-inspired handcrafted products

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    As automotive connoisseurs will agree, the Jaguar F Type is a wonderful car and does a great job at being a complete adrenaline-rushing beast at everything it does. Recently, the British brand, owned by Indian automaker Tata Motors, commissioned a bunch of independent and staff studio designers to churn out five products that draw inspiration from the F Type’s philosophy of high-spirited technology coupled with beastly performance. And these designers seem to have done a pretty good job of bringing to life the Jaguar’s spirit!

    Mortiz Waldemeyer created the Revolution light fixture, made from thousands of LEDs that are used in F Type cars, that rotates with mechanical motors.

    Fredrikson Stallard’s Landscape II on the other hand is made from polished aluminum, just like that used for the car. The sculpture is reminiscent of the English countryside with rolling hills and valleys.

    Neri&Hu Design and Research Office created the Wild Feast, using handcrafted wood and carbon fiber to create picnic-ware styled on traditional British and Chinese cutlery.

    Toutou Pet Transporter by Mathieu Gustafsson is a custom hand-made pet transporter designed to fit specifically on the F-Type’s passenger seat and is also made from materials employed in the F Type.

    Jaguar Advanced Design’s Table F is constructed from a solid block of marble and is a table that screams “futuristic” from every angle!

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