• Designer Behzad Rashidi develops a hands-free crutch that enables wearers to sit down

  • Sit-Stand-Behzad-Rashidi-1Living with a crutch isn’t easy and people who’ve been experienced this while recovering from leg injuries will agree. It’s been nearly a century since the current crutch design first surfaced and nothing has changed much, leaving the current design outdated and in dire need of an upgrade. That’s where designer Behzad Rashidi’s Sit & Stand Walking Assistant comes into play. This revolutionary crutch is a hands-free aide that cleverly uses a wearer’s upper body strength to support the weight of an injured leg!

    To do so, the device requires a user to hang the weight of an injured leg on one’s quad muscles. This support system transfers the weight and pressure evenly over the back of the wearer’s leg, making it easier to walk. And that’s not all! A wearer can also sit down, while using this crutch!



    [Via – Inhabitat]

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