• Colon-shaped hotel in Belgium welcomes you to a world of digestion

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    Ever wondered what it’d feel like to live inside a human body organ for a couple of days or more? Well, we haven’t and we’re guessing most ordinary people don’t think of stuff like this. A few others, however, go to the extent of creating colon shaped structures, like this hotel nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium. Called the CasAnus Hotel, this structure, amusingly and somewhat disgustingly, is made to replicate a human intestinal tract.

    The hotel was originally an art sculpture by the Dutch designer Joep Van Lieshout and now offers all the luxuries a regular block-shaped motel would serve, including heating, double beds and showers. For a price of about $150, visitors are allowed to step away from their mundane homes and live inside the human digestion system.

    [Via – Huffingtonpost]

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