• Clothes Peg takes a detour from the normal form

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    There is nothing scientific about using a peg on your clothesline. It’s just a piece of plastic or wood that you use to hold the cloth so that it doesn’t fly with the wind! Well, all this babble is ok if you’re not designer Mark Marzouk. This interesting designer from the land of Pharaohs has come up with an interesting design for the humble clothes peg. What makes the peg so different is the vicious ridges on the inside of the clamp. Now the designer assures that those ridges won’t leave a mark on the drying cloth, but the skeptics don’t buy it. Getting wrinkles and cranks on dried up laundry is really hard to iron out.

    I won’t dispute the design till I don’t see it in practice, but the year-end release date of this unique Clothes peg assures me that the argument will be settled by then. Else we can all head back to drying our laundry on hangars! As for the pegs, Mark says that they are easy to recycle.

    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: on August 25, 2008
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