• Chicago sculpture is built from 3k hand blown orbs

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    The John Hancock Centre in Chicago received a new addition in its midst and there’s so much to take in from what you can see. Artist Wolfgang Buttress has completed the sculpture called Lucent that looms above the lobby area. The name of the sculpture has been derived from Latin Lucere (which means, ‘to shine’). As many may decipher, the structure resembles a star map and draws on celestial mapping research by astrophysicist Dr Daniel Bayliss at the Australian National University. The 4-meter diameter of the hemisphere is perforated with over 3000 holes that represent stars. It represents stars that are visible to the naked eye from the Earth’s Northern hemisphere. That’s not all, the artist has also embedded fiber-optic cables that emerge from the nodes, emitting a soothing light. The real magic is created by the hand-blown glass orbs that are attached to the nodes.

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    The triangulated glass orbs are placed over a pool at the bottom that reflects the image, creating the illusion of infinity. Glass artists at Ignite Glass Studios hand blew the 3000 odd glass orbs.

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