• The Balloon Chair promises to make you cheerful and feel elevated!

  • balloon-chair-1Why settle for the same old tediously boring furniture when you can bring home something that’s interesting, eye-catching and completely out-of-the-box, right? That’s exactly why this unconventionally cheerful chair that seems to have been inspired by the animated film Up was created. Director Satoshi Itasaka of Japanese studio h220430 created this concept, called the Balloon Chair. The chair has attached to it 10 helium balloons, that give it the illusion of floating. Instead, these balloons are hooked onto the ceiling with invisible anchor cords.

    The balloons are made from fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) while the chair uses FRP, leather, steel, and urethane. According to the creator, a person seated on a chair like this is bound to feel cheerful and we agree, given that the Balloon Chair is indeed a great way to elevate your thoughts!



    [Via – Mymodernmet]

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