• Researchers develop backpack that charges your smartphone as you walk

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    Our smartphones, tablets and laptops are things we cannot live without, simply given the fact that we’re slowly turning into a species that cannot exist without being digitally connected at all times. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology seem to understand this best and have come up with a simple yet highly effective way of keeping your devices juiced up while you brave the outdoors. These jolly folks have created an unnamed backpack that you can strap onto your shoulders and carry your stuff around, while using futuristic tech to charge your devices, as you walk!

    The backpack uses nano-generators to create a static-electricity like effect. While one side of the backpack has aluminum film with microscopic holes, the other sports copper film with nanowires. These along with collapsible cards arranged in a rhombus shape, generate electricity every time you take a step, literally allowing you to charge a smartphone by just walking around!

    [Via – Dvice]

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