• Award-winning plaster tests blood and recognizes blood types!

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    Not everybody’s comfortable with visiting a blood bank to draw a little blood to understand one’s own blood-type. There are fairly a few people around the world who still are ignorant about the type of blood that’s pumping through their veins. Here’s a Red Dot Design Award winning plaster that works as both, a protection for one’s wound and a blood-testing device! Designed by Zhang Weiwei, this innovative little plaster is particularly great for those who have no access to a blood bank.

    The plaster integrates a blood-testing paper that recognizes a person’s blood type as soon as it makes contact with the blood. This also proves fruitful in emergencies and can prevent medical complications and deaths that occur due to a lack of medical equipment. And the best part of it all is the fact that this plaster keeps those dreary blood-testing needles well at bay!

    [Via – Red-Dot]

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