• Artist Arturo Erbsman designs a chandelier made of ice

  • ice-chandelier-1Let’s face it, chandeliers are pretty darned pretty and have a way of turning any room into a replica of a medieval-age mansion. Belgian artist Arturo Erbsman has spent a lifetime designing lighting solutions and recently pulled out this piece of awesomeness out of his bag of magic tricks. Called the Polar Light, this chandelier is anything but ordinary. Instead of using shiny glass pieces and crystals to create this one, Erbsman used ice!

    To do this, Erbsman used a wire metal skeleton and a web of white, woven fishnets. Together, these catch precipitation in colder areas, freezing them into stalactites which then form the chandelier. During the night time, the stalactites reflect “a timeless boreal light,” giving the chandelier a ghostly touch. To function as designed, this chandelier needs to be placed in areas below freezing point and your refrigerator isn’t one of them.





    [Via – Fastcodesign]

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