• Archiworkshop develops a tent village in Korea

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    Camping is usually associated with sore backs, limited resources and an adventurous time in the outdoors. However, Seoul-based Archiworkshop thinks differently and has turned the entire camping experience upside down with its tent village in Korea called the Glamping for Glampers. The tents used in this village are a notch above everything else, and are well-lit, quite luxurious and weirdly shaped. Wrapped in a water and fire proof membrane which also protects against UV penetration, these tents promise to keep you safe from all the elements out there.

    While these tents may not be as hardened and brawny as the one’s you’ve been used to spending time in, they do guarantee a close association with nature as you live in a home-like environment, far away from home, in the Korean countryside.



    [Via – Designboom]

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