• Aqualibrium Garden allows users to grow greens in urban apartments

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    Growing your own food is never a bad thing! This act helps you save quite a substantial amount of money, enables you to spend a few hours doing something productive and gives you a reason to stay happy and healthy. The Aqualibrium Garden is a concept built to aide urban farmers live their farm-land dreams in their small apartment homes. This closed loop aquaponics system is small enough to fit inside a typical urban apartment and enables users to grow greens at home.

    Quoting the designers of the Aqualibrium Garden, “The fish in the self-cleaning aquarium in the bottom chamber of the Aqualibrium Garden provide the nutrients that feed the plants in the self-watering grow space in the upper chamber.” This urban home-garden gives users about 2 square feet of self-watering grow space.

    [Via – Tgdaily]

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