• Apartment made from ping pong balls!

  • Tired of using the good old brick and mortar homes that the rest of the world lives in? Well, you could look around for some exceptionally unconventional building materials and craft a shelter above your head with the same, like ping pong balls for instance. This apartment by Daniel Arsham, a partner in the Brooklyn-based architecture firm Snarkitecture, uses ping pong balls for walls!

    A 90-square-foot apartment, this abode has pixelated walls made up of grey and white ping pong balls. Using 25,000 of them in all, these ping pong balls were treated with a fire retardant intumescent coating before being lined into the wall. The apartment took two months to construct for a cost as low as $100 a square foot!


    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: , on October 29, 2012
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