• Abeer Seikaly’s Weaving a Home project boasts shelters made from fabric

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    To be honest, we’re quite bored of all the metal, glass and cement structures that surround us in our mundane urban jungles. This is exactly why we’ve been looking around for alternate residences for human kind, like these shelters by Kuwaiti designer Abeer Seikaly. The Weaving a Home project involves the use of fabrics to construct disaster-relief shelters, sturdy enough to keep their occupants safe from elemental harm.

    The shelters use the traditions of joining linear fibers to make complex three-dimensional shapes. A similar technique is used to make baskets. The project was shortlisted for the 2012 Lexus Design Award and rightly so, given the fact that these shelters could very well serve in just about every environmental conditions, from hot deserts to snow-clad regions.





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