• 3DION Washing machine concept for Arcelor

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    The saying goes…too many cooks spoil the broth; however this does not apply to the creative minds of Vincent Palicki, Jean Hong and Antoine Harpages. We this team sat down for some serious ramblings, they conjured up such an exquisite design for a washing machine, that you wish you could get your hands on one pronto. The 3Dion is WiFi enabled intelligent machine conceptualized for Arcelor. Dispensing the right amount of detergent, to diagnosing the idea program for the wash load, this fully automatic machine does everything. Although not specified I feel the WiFi capabilities is to allow users to remotely start a wash program via their mobile phone or net connection. The machine sports a very smart led indicator with an ergonomic interface and incorporates materials that makes the machine less noisy when working.

    The 3DION Washing machine concept for Arcelor has been designed in six different colors, namely: Grey Stone, Cherry, Juicy Melon, Golden, Deep Blue and Dark Side.

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