• Futuristic Thanksgiving food to be cooked up in laboratories!

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    A Thanksgiving without a turkey is, well, nothing much to be thankful about. Thanksgiving in the future is slated to be radically different from what it is today, particularly because of the fact that human-kind will soon settle for food grown in laboratories. This might sound frightening to some though the scientists leading these projects think it to be the best way to feed the world. Meals of the future will include lab-grown meat, exotic protein sources, and 3-D printing!

    Turkeys will be grown in test-tubes, while green-bug casseroles that sound pretty cringe-worthy could soon wind up on our dinner plates. And that’s not all! Scientists have already managed to create the first laboratory-made beef burger, made from lab-grown tissue. 3D printing is also expected to be used to make pies up ahead, saving humans the effort of cooking them! Are we slowly moving towards a Wall-E future? Only time will tell!

    [Via – Nbcnews]

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