• 3D printed Cortex casts could soon be the next best way to heal bone fractures

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    The next time you decide to do something incredibly silly and wind up fracturing your arm, you probably won’t have to wear those heavy itchy plasters. Instead, this concept by Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill could pretty much catch on with doctors and patients alike. Called the Cortex cast, this one makes sure your arm stays put until your bone heals and is made using 3D printing technology. To get the fit right, the X-rays of the fractured bone and a 3D scan of the limb as a whole is taken.

    As you might have noticed from the image already, this one isn’t half as cumbersome as the plaster casts. Lightweight and easy to live with, these casts are also well-ventilated and shower-friendly. Also, these aren’t smelly and could very well end the long reign of the plaster cast. And finally, if not importantly, these casts look cool!

    [Via – The-Verge]

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