• 3D Igloo made from crystallized salt by Emerging Objects

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    We’ve been fans of 3D printing technology and everything that it brings to the table; particularly the fact that we humble human beings can now create everyday items for use by simply printing them out into existence! If you’ve been under the impression that the technology is limited to smartphone cases, little figurines and spoons, think again. Emerging Objects came up with this life-sized 3D printed igloo called the 3D Igloo, made from crystallized salt taken in California in Redwood City!

    We’re sure the joy of living inside a salty home is a step apart from anything ordinary and the concept seems fantastic! While we aren’t sure just how feasible this concept is in reality, Emerging Objects seems to have done a pretty great job at inspiring us all to print out our imaginative best too.




    [Via – Fubiz]

    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: on January 11, 2014
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