• ‘Moveable Movie Theater’ spreads cheer amongst tsunami-victims

  • Natural-disaster hit victims do face a terrible share of problems, given the fact that they lose their homes, their livelihoods and the better parts of their lives. Designer Yusuke Yamamoto has come up with an ideal way to spread some cheer amongst tsunami-hit victims, a project christened the ‘Moveable Movie Theater’. The structure adheres to the current law put into place in the Tohoku region that prevents any permanent building from being built.

    Built as a rectangle, the ‘Moveable Movie Theater’ can be folded and is essentially made from compartments that slide into each other, enabling the entire structure to be squeezed and packed on the back of a truck! Currently, this movable theater can accommodate 30 people at one time. The concept could also work as temporary shelters, spreading smiles and keeping victims of natural disasters away from the elements.


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