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    Types Of Garage Doors: Their Advantages And Disadvantages

    Installing a new garage door increases the curb appeal of your home. However, the process can be frustrating and confusing with all the choices available. With different garage door styles to explore, you need to take the time to know … Continue reading

  • How to Make Packing for a Move Much Easier: Top Tips and Tricks

    One of your first responsibilities when preparing for a move is making sure all your items are appropriately and adequately packed. Packing your items may sound easy, but if you’ve ever had a damaged item or lost an object (or … Continue reading

    A Few ways to Make Editing In Final Cut Pro Easier

    The world of video editing has benefited greatly in the past few years from huge forward strides in software development. As a result of the rapid progress and constant improvements being made, it can be challenging for even a very … Continue reading

    What Do You Get from Azure File Share Archiving?

    One of the services in the notably long list of Azure services is Azure file share archiving. This Azure cloud service is being advertised for its ability to reduce storage costs by up to 87% while providing adequate data protection. … Continue reading

    Chicago sculpture is built from 3k hand blown orbs

    The John Hancock Centre in Chicago received a new addition in its midst and there’s so much to take in from what you can see. Artist Wolfgang Buttress has completed the sculpture called Lucent that looms above the lobby area. … Continue reading

    Fugu automatic inflatable bag enables you to travel with more!

    Ever experienced that nerve-wrecking moment when you simply can’t fit all you wish to into a single bag before you take off on an airplane? Fugu seems to have the answer! Called the “world’s most revolutionary luggage for shopaholics”, this … Continue reading

    Bower House Eco Cabins are luxurious tree houses made from eco-friendly materials

    When you come to think of it, trees are actually a great place to inhabit. Given the fact that they generously dole out shade, food and fresh air, a tree house is perhaps the answer to mankind’s urgent need for … Continue reading

    Heating with Design in Mind

    Designing your home to make it the perfect living space for you and your family can be an exciting time in your life. It is an opportunity to make your home the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your family’s … Continue reading

    If Superman had his own business cards, where would he keep them?

    What if you were handed a business card every time a superhero rescued you, would you call back? Well, given the fact that most superheroes prefer keeping their identities under wraps, they probably wouldn’t opt for a business card, unless … Continue reading

    Wacaco Minipresso dishes out espresso shots on the go

    There’s a lot a shot of coffee can do, from giving you the sudden confidence of a used-car salesman to bestowing unlimited energy upon your sensory system. To keep you going through the day without dropping to your knees in … Continue reading

    Spaceship-like beach-front home generates electricity from tidal energy

    What’s the best way to keep strangers off your property? Build a home that looks like a spaceship belonging to an evil alien race that’s here to destroy mankind! Architect and designer Margot Krasojevic seems to have designed the perfect … Continue reading

    Swing Time, an interactive installation of swings that glow!

    Ever wondered what it’d be like to sit on a swing that glows and spend a few hours after dark staring up into space? Well, we didn’t either, until we stumbled across these! Called the Swing Time, this interactive installation … Continue reading

    DrinkPure water bottle filter makes potable water more accessible to the masses

    While most of us aren’t particularly surprised every time we see fresh water gush out of a tap, there are parts of the world where potable water is a far-fetched dream. Places like rural sub-Saharan Africa or India can be … Continue reading

    Smokey Wheels mug represents rebellion, revolution and a stack of tires

    If you’ve been hooked to the television screen off late, you might have realized that Ukraine does have its fair share of troubles. Inspired by the fighting spirit of the population and rubber tires, which are the “burning symbols of … Continue reading

    Designer Behzad Rashidi develops a hands-free crutch that enables wearers to sit down

    Living with a crutch isn’t easy and people who’ve been experienced this while recovering from leg injuries will agree. It’s been nearly a century since the current crutch design first surfaced and nothing has changed much, leaving the current design … Continue reading

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