• W-Plate: The best tray to serve appetizers

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    The biggest problem I usually face when it comes to serving appetizers is that by the end of the first round all the items on the plate tend to get mixed. And the organized plate ends up looking like one big mess. But the W-plate seems like the perfect solution to my problems. Designed by Alessandro Loschiavo for Aliantedizioni, this stainless steel serving plate makes sure that guests pick up what they need without ruining or touching the other items on the plate. The unique structure of the plate of a succession of inclined planes, allows one to select a partly upward-projecting tartine, without touching the other ones. This helps avoid mixing of different foods and also saves you the hassle of constantly re-arranging the appetizers. Definitely a useful creation, the satin colored W-plate is a must buy for all.

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on June 16, 2009

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