• Warm N’ Cool keeps stores your food refrigerator-style and heats it up too!

  • Storing food while in the outdoors can get difficult at times, which is probably why most people who tend to spend days away from home, prefer canned foods. Well, designer Arthur Kenzo put a thought to it all, and came up with the Warm N’ Cool. This handy portable appliance works as a refrigerator, helping store your food while away from home. Also, the heat energy collected from the refrigerating system charges up the thermo-electric batteries, which can then also be used to warm up your food! This pretty much makes camp-fire cooking and makeshift stoves obsolete. The design was conceived for Electrolux and seems to be a pretty innovative way to keep your food intact and good to eat while outdoors.


    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on September 12, 2011
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