• Unique Xylophone Bin made for charity auction

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    The unique Xylophone Bin from Dominic Wilcox caught my eye courtesy its unique design and functionality. Made way back in 2008 for a VVIP charity auction to raise money for Chernobyl Children’s Project International and Foodbank NYC, it truly is a class apart. A one-of-a-kind musical creation, when the pedal of this Bin is pressed, the lid opens to release a ball that travels down a ‘helter-skelter’ set of xylophone steps around the bin. A note is played every time the ball hits a step. What is more, the xylophone steps are cut in increasing lengths so that the note gets deeper as the ball gets closer to the bottom. A genius creation, this bin should have definitely fetched a great sum at the auction.

    Have a look at the video to watch the unique Bin in motion.

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on April 7, 2010

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