• Some Top Kitchen and Bedroom Hacks that will Make Your Move Easier

  • A move entails a lot of work, not just when it comes to sorting through your stuff and packing it, but also making arrangements with utility companies and the like. If you are planning a move, you need to be sure that everything is arranged before your scheduled moving date, otherwise, you could be faced with a lot of headaches. Packing, for one, can take weeks and needs to be started as early as possible – especially for the kitchen and bedrooms. So, what can you do to ensure that your move goes according to plan? Here’s a list of kitchen and bedroom hacks that will make your move much easier.

    Preparing your kitchen items for a move
    – The kitchen is notoriously difficult to pack, especially since there are lots of small objects, appliances, and other items which can be delicate or breakable. You can start by sorting through each and every drawer or cupboard and pack the same or similar things together. Sorting through your kitchen allows you to do away with expired food or old, unused items, as confirmed by the Gloucester removals experts from Advanced Removals & Storage.

    – If you have a lot of big pots, you can fill them with your spice selection. This allows you to save space and time and effort since you no longer have to wrap your spice bottles or jars individually.

    – If you have a toaster, put it in a plastic bag so you can avoid messy crumbs.

    – Pack your knives inside your potholders, and then use a rubber band to secure them.

    – Your glasses and other stemware can be placed inside socks (clean, of course) to keep them protected.

    – Make use of cling wrap to keep spoons, forks, and other utensils in their own organiser or container.

    – Use your clothing or blankets and linen to wrap plates.

    Preparing your bedroom items for a move
    – The first step is to sort through your bedroom items and throw away anything which is no longer being used. If you haven’t used it in one year, it’s a sign that it’s time to do away with it.

    – For clothing placed on hangers, simply slide a big rubbish bag over the whole lot and secure it with cable ties.

    – You can also simply remove the drawers and then place plastic wrap on top of the drawers, so you can take the drawer and its entire contents without having to empty it.

    – If you have items which are valuable, purchase a small safe or lockbox so you can store them there and transport it yourself.

    – To make sure your mattress stays clean during transport, put an old fitted bed sheet over it.

    – If you are going to dismantle furniture, make sure the small parts or screws are placed in a plastic bag and clearly labelled. You can stick the plastic bag on the side of the furniture or you can keep all the bags in a separate box for easy access later on. Good luck!

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