• The wine inside an egg, Colier Sparkling Wine’s weird packaging

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    Remember the golden egg Harry Potter fights a dragon to get his hands on in the Goblet of Fire movie? Well, if you aren’t much of a fan of the spectacled little magician, you probably wont known what we’re referring to while talking about this wine packaging. With a magic of its own, the packaging used for Colier Sparkling Wine is sure to grab a lot of attention. More of a carbon fiber egg than a golden one, this one tightly holds your bottle for you. Though targeted to business women, this one sure would find its place better on your bar. The container is something we’ve never seen before, and does remind one of some dinosaur egg you probably spotted in Jurassic Park. No T-Rex popping out of this one though. Expect a bottle of sparkling wine instead, which we’d appreciate more than an ancient overgrown carnivore.

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