• The Plant Pot, a pot and a saucer combined

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    What do a potted plant and a saucer have in common? Nothing! But combining these to does come to some good. And that’s exactly what German designer, Uli Budde thought of when he came up with what he simply refers to as the “Plant Pot”. So what good does combining these two come to? Well, it makes the process of watering a plant a much more efficient affair.

    True that you’ll miss those good old days of using a water sprinkler can with this slight modification to a pot. The saucer serves as a side extension, into which you can pour a copious amount of water to feed your thirsty green pal. This enables the plant to drink up whenever it’s thirsty. The Plant Pot was part of the ‘My Bauhaus is better than yours’ group exhibition at the Milan Design Week. Serving plants their nutrition in a platter has never been more effective before.

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