• The Mixed Emotion Cocktail bottle for the many human emotions

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    Human emotions are a part of everything we do, so here is a concept that runs on the lines of selling a mix of emotions and vodka, envisaged by José Louis García Eguiguren, a student in Barcelona, Spain. Human feelings such as love, sadness, happiness, fear and anger are captured in weird shaped bottles through corresponding shades of red, blue, yellow, black and green. The eccentric idea is centered around selling emotions through a product. The concoction in the bottle is a mixture of vodka and a fruit blend. The bottle has two spirals that end in two straws, ready to invite the consumer to visualize how the liquid combine as they drink. The back panel depicts phrases to illustrate the type of experience the customer and the overall design of the bottles allow the consumers to dance, jump or go wild without a worry about dribbling.


    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on April 1, 2010

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