• The Level ice box keeps your beverages chilled in the outdoors

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    We’ve all been faced with that horrid moment of finding our once-chilled bottle of beverage now lukewarm while outdoors. To keep your beverages cooled and parch your throat while out in the sunny outdoors, Byron Lee came up with the Level ice box. Besides donning an attractive lime-green exterior, the ice box is seriously a cool innovation, both literally and symbolically speaking. The Level ice box has won some titles to its design before that include the 2009 IDEA Bronze Prize and a 2008 IHA Honorable Mention.

    No longer do you now need to worry about just how to keep those bubbling bottles of chilled beverages cooled while out in the heat. Leave that all to the Level ice box to do!

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on October 20, 2010

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